1. yeah I believe self condemnation hurts you more than stammering,stammering is only physical but feeling bad for yourself all the time hurts you emotionally which not only increases the stutter but also rips you apart on the inside !!!!!

  2. Dhruva, you’re right. I believe that the lives of many people who stammer could be improved drastically by working on the internal pain.

  3. Nice little tidbet, Hiten. Easier said than done. I think people who stutter are more prone to self-loathing than the average person. I know for me I always focused so much on my perceived inadequacies, that I was just convinced I was no good. It takes a lot of peeling away to really reach the point where we don’t condemn ourselves for every little thing.

  4. I totally agree with you Pam, that people who stutter are more likely to self-loath. But even a little progress in getting over so much self-hate is worth it. Thanks for your comment.

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