Separating the fear from the hurt

We experience fear. By itself it’s just that – fear.

We feel worried about our fear. It makes us angry. We no longer have just fear. Fear has been wrapped around with worry and anger. Now we are hurt.

Next time you’re in a situation where you might have to speak, just allow the fear to arise in you. Notice what it feels like. Get a sense of where in your body you are feeling the fear. Notice the intensity.

However, don’t add anything else to the fear. No worry, anger or shame. Just observe it objectively.

There is freedom in just allowing such emotions to arise and pass. The freedom comes from not adding anything else.

Over time, you will become skillful at just allowing the fear to arise without adding further pain to it. And with this, the fear will also begin to diminish.

I can tell you about this all day long. But you need to experience it for yourself.


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