Serial stuttering

Once upon a time a person lived on Earth. She was a famous artist. She was also a serial stutterer. Oh, she would stutter all over the world. Every situation she would go into, she would stutter. It didn’t matter if it was a social event or a business event, she would make sure she stuttered.  Sometimes she would try and break her own record of the time taken to repeat a word. If someone would try and finish her sentence, she would use her hands to gesture the person to stop. She would continue stuttering, informing the person that she hadn’t finished trying to say what she wanted to.

Everyone loved her for such antics.

Then one evening she was at the opening of art gallery in London, and when an interested man was asking her about her work, she began to pause and block. She basically stopped stuttering. The man was quite alarmed as he was looking forward to listening to a good dose of this remarkable lady’s stuttering.

For the next month, she continued with this new behaviour. Wherever she went, she didn’t stutter. During one breakfast meeting, a colleague called her on it and asked why she had stopped stuttering?

This famous artist replied frustratingly. “Give me a break!” she said. “I need to rest. Don’t worry. I’ll start again soon, make no mistake of that!”.


  1. O.K. …. so who is this?! We like your Stuttering Hub. Thanks, and keep it up. 🙂

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