Stammering on the Phone

As a person who stammers, are you experiencing the following about talking on the phone?

  1. Anxiety about answering the phone in your personal and professional life, which makes you avoid doing so.

  2. Fear about answering the phone, so you get others to answer for you.

  3. Habitual negative thoughts about your ability to answer the phone because of your stammering?

  4. If so, then this eBook will help you to:

    1. Replace unhelpful thoughts about answering the phone with empowering ones so you answer with assertiveness.

    2. Change the structure of your negative thoughts about your ability to answer the phone, to change how you feel about this situation for the better.

    3. Learn how to increase your confidence in your ability to answer the phone.

    4. In order to download your copy you will need the following:

      1. An account with If you don’t have one, then please create one first.

      2. A Kindle device to read the eBook. If you do not have a Kindle then please download one of thefree Kindle apps.

      3. Go to this page and purchase the eBook. The eBook will then be available through your Kindle or on your free app you installed

        Download your copy from the Kindle India Store!

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