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When you look at lists of the richest people in the UK one important factor stands out. The majority of people on the list have worked hard to earn their money. Often they have come from quite humble beginnings and through their own talents and dedication have transformed themselves into wealthy and powerful individuals.

Many of the richest people in the world have achieved their successful positions through hard work and single-minded ambition. This has often been at the expensive of their personal lives and many wealthy individuals have had well-documented problems including painful divorces and messy scandals.

Is it ever possible then to become successful in business and still achieve a healthy personal life?

What is a Healthy Work and Life Balance?

The creation of wealth for wealth’s sake offers little chance for a fulfilling life. Money can buy material things but it cannot alone provide that inner sense of peace and contentment which is essential for you to lead a happy and healthy life. However, money can be a path to happiness in that it can offer you opportunities to follow your passions and interests and support your loved ones.

Yet if you work solely for the accumulation of money without considering other physical, mental and spiritual needs then this can lead to a shallow one-dimensional life. Achieving the right work/life balance is about working hard, reaching your goals and also finding time to follow your passions and interests and sharing your life with family and friends.

Health is also important to happiness so don’t forget to look after yourself. A regular health assessment at the NHS; or at private clinics such as Blossoms Healthcare; is essential to pick up any problems early on and ensure you enjoy good health.

Doctors from the world-famous Mayo Clinic; advise a lot of important patients on achieving a healthy and balanced work lifestyle. They advocate the need to continually assess your priorities in life. This will help you to make positive changes that reflect your on-going business and personal needs.

Has Anyone Got it Right?

Looking at the biographies available it is clear that several big-name entrepreneurs do seem to have achieved a healthy work/life balance. These high profile businessmen and women have managed to succeed both in their professional and personal lives.  Names on this list include UK business powerhouse Sir Richard Branson, computer mogul Bill Gates and Facebook sensation Mark Zuckerberg.

If we look at Sir Richard Branson’s life in more detail we can see just how he has managed to achieve a successful work/life balance:

.  Sir Richard Branson is well-known for his frugal living. Although he made his first million by the age of 25 years his feet have remained firmly on the ground.

.  This seems to stem from his modest up-bringing in a typical middle class English family. Money was tight in his childhood and his parents worked hard and made sacrifices to support the family.

.  From these experiences Branson has maintained a healthy respect for money his whole life and deplores a wasteful, overly extravagant lifestyle.

.  Branson has stated that this idea of owning possessions as a pure luxury (that don’t bring in any money) is something he would ‘be embarrassed about’.

.  Although he does own a number of luxurious properties around the world they are nearly all available for rent or lease, thereby earning him money when he is not using them.

.  Branson does use his money however to invest in things he is really passionate about. This includes his ballooning company that although has never made him a profit has afforded him years of enjoyment.

.  Investing in his personal passions is a key way in which Branson has achieved a good work/life balance.

.  His private retreat Necker Island (also available to rent when the family is not in residence) is another key way of balancing his responsibilities with work and family.

.  This is where Branson goes to get away from his high profile life and get back down to the ground.

.  Branson has stated that this island is his ‘escape’ and if one day he had to get rid of everything else he owned; this island would be the one thing he would keep.

.  Sir Richard Branson shows that you can achieve success in both your professional and personal life as long as you keep focused on those things that are really important to you.

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Carlo Pandian is an Organisational Development graduate at The University of London interested in occupational health, start-ups and technology. When he’s not online, Carlo loves cooking fancy meals and foraging wild edible plants in the countryside.