As a late developer in stuttering (I started when I was 10!), I was reflecting earlier today how difficult it made life at that time. It began when I started a new high school with quite a few ‘big’ people there. Communicating suddenly became more important because there were lots of new kids and group activities. As a kid turns into a teenager all kinds of strange things happen. Obviously the body changes, there is interest in the opposite sex, and there is peer pressure. When a young person is finding it difficult to speak, this can have a massive impact on self-esteem and create all kinds of confusion. Wow, I’m feeling like this as I write this post… Ok, I’ve stopped! It just goes to show how us humans can experience emotions again, which initially occurred years ago.


  1. Absolutely Hiten. I feel emotions from the past as if they just happened all the time.
    I am going through an experience right now where I am remembering things from the past, and the pain I feel is just as raw as it was then.
    Good post!

  2. The good thing these days, is that being able to look at the pain with ‘adult eyes’ means that we know the pain will pass, and that we will get over it. If only I had this wisdom when I was a teenager! Thanks for your comment Pam.

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