The art of being not comfortable

I went on a stand-up comedy workshop today over in Robin Hood country. I saw it as a good opportunity to continue pushing myself out of my comfort areas.

It was exciting, enthralling and nerve-racking altogether.

When I was driving back from Nottingham I realised one thing – just how difficult it can be to continuously find opportunities to increase confidence, especially when you’re really busy.

Daily life can become very comfortable, too comfortable. We get set in patterns and certain ways of doing things. How much they enable us to grow as a person I have serious doubts about.

  1. I know I know,there is a large part of us which wants us to be in the safe comfort zone everyday,it likes it that way but there is a very very small part which wants us to grow as a person and face the challenges which are long pending to be faced,its eventually up to us if we can listen to that very small part of us !!!!!

    1. Dhruva, sometimes the small part can get so strong and have so much drive, the large part has to succumb! Thanks for your comment.

  2. Some years ago, I did a short course in Improv with Bill Chott in St. Louis. The “pressure” to come up with an immediate (and hopefully funny) response made me forget to stutter some of the time. The other participants were also immensely supportive – some in awe of the distance from my perceived “safety zone”. Sometimes stepping out of the safety zone, especially far, teaches us volumes about ourselves.

    1. Step, I can imagine the other participants being in awe of how far you were from your ‘safety zone’. I got the impression some of the participants yesterday might have thought the same. They were all miles from their own ‘zones’ and they were fluent! Thanks for your comment.

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