The results of meditation

Meditation can be extremely fascinating when you first start doing it.

However, like with anything new, its novelty can wear off.

We become lazy. We get busy. We have other things to do, which are 'more' important.

I've persevered with meditation. It's been difficult. But I'm glad I did. By doing so, I'm slowly beginning to see results:

1. I don't get freaked out about situations like I used to.

2. I've learnt to control my brain, so that I stop getting carried away with negative thoughts. I just ignore them, and they pass away. By doing this, I'm living much more in the present moment, which is a much more fun place to be.

3. I'm experiencing life more fully, by not allowing the past or the future to govern how I'm feeling.

4. I'm doing tasks and activities, without getting too concerned about outcomes. If it works out, then great. If it doesn't, then that's ok too.

I recommend it. You will see results.



  1. Meditation rocks! It can definitely be tough to stick with it after the initial excitement wears off, but if you do, the payoff is big, as you’ve discovered. I’m seeing results similar to yours, and the added benefit of feeling loving emotions more fully. Actually, it’s turned me into kind of a sap – I find myself crying at sunsets now. It feels kinda ridiculous, but in a good way!

    This was posted quite a while ago…I’m curious, have you continued meditating regularly? If so, have any other benefits sprouted up?

  2. Have you tried Jibbersih meditation. I have seen sparkling results with that in just a matter of 45 mins.

    Kindly let me know if you want further insights on it..However, when Google Bhagvan is there we need not worry, I guess.


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