The Royal Wedding

In less then 24 hours we have a Royal Wedding and I’m getting really excited.

If like me, you’re looking forward to the wedding then this is great. It’s a wonderful time for the nation and indeed the world to celebrate… and be happy.

However, let me ask you this…

If there were no Royal Wedding tomorrow, would you still be happy? On Saturday there will be no Royal Wedding. Will you be happy then?

If the answer is no to these questions, then here’s your clue… Your real happiness will always come from within you, in this present moment. Do whatever you can to find that inner flame of real happiness. We all have it.

Royal weddings will come and go. Your life situations will come and go. As a result of these you might become happy. But allowing external conditions to determine your happiness, means you leave it to chance.

As for tomorrow, best wishes from Stuttering Hub to Prince William and the soon to be Princess Catherine. May they both be happy. And may each and everyone of you also be truely happy! 🙂

  1. True happiness has to be unconditional. The only opportunity we have is to enjoy the present only thats why it is known as the present i.e. gift.

    1. I loved the way you connected ‘present’ with a ‘gift’ Jasbir! This is great. And so true as well.

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