Tomorrow is up to you

Do you consider yourself as unfortunate?

If so, is your approach to your daily life helping you? After each day, do you ponder on how many times you stammered?

Do you think about how many occasions you got afraid to speak up? Do you become really depressed about how you had such a bad day?

Do you think doing such things might be contributing to you feeling you are so unlucky?

What about if instead, after each day, you wondered about how many times you still spoke despite stammering?

What about if you considered those two difficult meetings you attended with new customers, which you were anxious about, but still went to, and got across your message?

How about if you counted that one time you picked up the phone as a small step in making some good progress?

You will all get on with your daily lives tomorrow. How you wish to reflect upon your day is entirely up to you.

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