What state are you in as you read this post? Are you in a calm state? Are you in a rushed state? Maybe you’re in a slightly distracted state?

My point is that you are definitely in some state.

You might be a little moody first thing when you wake up. This could change to a focused state as you get ready to get on with your day. The state you’re in will continue to change throughout the day.

The thing about states is that they can govern exactly how you will feel and behave at any one time.

If you’re in a stressed state for instance, this will impact your actions. You might be grouchy. Subsequently, you might get annoyed by a stimulus in your environment such as someone wanting to interact with you.

As another example, if you’re in an anxious state, you might avoid taking action that ultimately would be good for you.

The great thing is you don’t need to be a slave to the states you find yourself in. For instance, if you’re feeling unconfident, then you don’t need to continue being in this state.

You can manage your states, so that you spend more time having internal experiences that bring out the best in you and that help you achieve your goals successfully.

You can use the following steps today to help you get into empowering states (I would like to give credit to Dr Bobby G. Bodenhamer and Dr L. Michael Hall for providing the inspiration for this approach):

1. Remember a time

If you’re finding yourself constantly in bad and unhelpful states, pick a state you would like to replace such states with.

If the state you want is a sense of happiness, remember a time when you were previously happy. Notice what this experience was like fully at that time, so that you can see it on the screen of your mind.

At first, do this so that you are looking at yourself like an actor in a movie.

Do it so that you can see the happy you, and begin to feel the same happiness.

Hear any sounds you heard at that time. Perhaps it was the sound of you speaking or someone else talking. Maybe there was music playing wherever you were at the time.

If you were using powerful self-talk at that time, then say the same words to yourself, now.

Next, as you feel this state in a compelling way, ‘step into’ it so that you’re now looking out of your own eyes. Look out into the world with the eyes of you who is completely happy (or whatever state you want).

Feel all the corresponding good feelings associated with this state as well. If it helps, take a walk around and notice the physiology and body language that supports this state. Speak out with the voice of you who is experiencing this wonderful state.

2. Take yourself into the future

Once you’re fully back into the same state, take your imagination out into the future and notice how you days and weeks change and improve when you do so from this empowering state.

3. Get into the state

Before you go out in the morning, access the same state again using your ability to imagine and feel, to help you get your day off to a super start.

If you find yourself getting into unhelpful states throughout the day, realign and consciously access the empowering state that makes you feel, happy, confident, assertive etc. again.

My friends, it’s over to you:

• What ways do you use to get yourself out of bad states into positive ones that help you?
• Please share your valuable views, experiences and thoughts in the comments box below.
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