It’s New Year’s Eve and 2014 is just hours away! Are you excited about the New Year? Or are you sceptical about what you might be able to achieve in it?

Does a New Year mean more difficult times ahead? Perhaps it means a time for others in your life to make changes, while you stay stuck where you’re at.

It might mean a whole host of other negative things.

No big deal. Why isn’t it a big deal?

Well, what you’ve done is created unhelpful meanings about the New Year. You make meanings about things all the time. All humans do. However, the meaning you attach to the New Year needn’t be set in concrete.

The New Year can always mean something else to you, should you wish it to. You have the power to attach whatever meaning you want to it.

Below are some empowering meanings you can give to 2014, so that your state of mind is one where a New Year really is the start of the rest of your life:

A New Year means time for a new story

What you did this year, and what happened is now an old story. If you had a tough story, then leave this tale where it belongs, which is in the past.

Instead, take time out to write a new story about what you want to achieve this year, and how you’re going to do it.

And I mean physically write it out. Grab some paper and pen now and allow your words to flow, as you describe the type of person you’re going to become this year.

As the saying goes – out with the old and in with the new.

A New Year means an opportunity to do something new

I think there is a big clue in the term New Year with the keyword being ‘new’. The word ‘new’ by its very nature implies freshness and something different.

Therefore, why not use the New Year to do something new that will change your perspective, grow your knowledge, increase your wealth and that will positively impact others.

A New Year means an opportunity to plan

You have 12 whole months to really make your mark. These months can be broken down into weeks and days. Use these wisely by planning some activities throughout the year, which will increase your skills and enhance your wisdom.

A New Year means better relationships

Have a strained relationship with a family member of a friend? Don’t have a partner?

Well a New Year doesn’t have to mean more doom and gloom in the relationships area. Instead, it can mean you will really reach out to others and develop some long-lasting and meaningful relationships.

A New Year means a new self-image

If you’re not happy with your self-image then change it. Change what you tell yourself about you. Alter how you visualise yourself. And then go and live out the words you tell yourself and the images you create of yourself in your mind.

Keep doing this cycle again and again through the year, and this time next year, you might just be the person you dream of being.

My friends, it’s over to you:

• What other empowering, and positive meanings can we give to the New Year?
• Please share your valuable views, experiences and thoughts in the comments box below.
• Please also share this post on your favourite social networks. Thank you.

Happy New Year to all of you!

 Photo Credit: Amani Hassan