When you’re in the midst of a difficulty; whether in your personal or professional life, you can feel like there’s no way out. However, your difficulty isn’t something you need to fear, or try to resist.

As counter-intuitive as this may sound, there are many positives inside your difficulty that exist, should you wish to see them. Read on to find out more:

There can be no solution without a difficulty

Difficulties by their very nature have solutions. Otherwise difficulties would just be problems with no way out.

Therefore, realise that what you’re experiencing is temporary and there is a corresponding solution out there for your challenge.

What do you need to do, or who do you need to talk to, to find that solution?

An opportunity to develop self-awareness

Experiencing a difficulty is a wonderful opportunity to develop your self-awareness. You can do this by going inwards and looking at the underlying thoughts, and emotions that are contributing to your problem, along with the way you are reacting that end up in you feeling bad.

These types of internal experiments can do wonders for helping you to change your thoughts and beliefs about your difficulty and your perspective on the world.

You get to be the star

Ever want to be a hero, or heroine? The good news is you can, because a hero or heroine is not resigned to a character in a movie.

And why do we love heroes and heroines so much? We love them because they overcome big adversities; often completely against the odds.

Surely, when you’ve overcome your difficulty, you’ve followed a similar plot?

You can inspire others

When I was younger and struggling with stammering, I never knew that years later I would be giving motivational talks to young people sharing my story. Yet, this is what I regularly do these days.

The difficulties you overcome become a part of your life story. Someone, somewhere in the world will be inspired by your life story, should you one day wish to share it.

Your confidence grows

When you face a difficulty head on and overcome it, your confidence grows.

If you’re currently feeling unconfident, then there’s no better remedy than doing something that challenges you to raise your self-belief.

Your relationships grow

A problem shared, is a problem halved. You will often need someone to help you deal with your problem. This might be a close friend or a family member who hears you out.

By reaching out to others in times of need, you create an opportunity for your relationships to develop.

You will value your difficulty

You may not see any value in the difficulty right now. However, in years to come, you certainly might.

Have you ever had a feeling where you were faced with a challenge, dealt with it and then later on realised you needed to have the experience, in order to be at the position you’re currently at?

You will probably go through the same cycle with the current difficulty you’re facing.

My friend’s, it’s over to you:

• What other positives exist in the difficulties we face in our lives?
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Merry Christmas to you all!

Photo Credit: nameswilson