Why stutterers potentially have the best people skills

Any person who stutters has at some point avoided people. It’s part and parcel of the game.

You might be doing the following:

1. Avoiding a particular person.

2. Wondering what a particular individual might be thinking about you.

3. Not going into a particular situation where there is a group of unfamiliar people.

4. Avoiding a particular family member.

A lot of energy is used up thinking about other people and their behaviours towards you.

In effect it’s all about people.

And then you decide to tackle all this avoiding, and you might start to do the following:

1. Facing the person you always avoided.

2. Wonder if changing your attitude and behaviour, causes an alteration in the other person’s view towards you.

3. Going directly into the dynamics of a group of unfamilar people.

4. Talking to the family member you always used to avoid.

By doing the above you are thinking about people, but much more positively. By more talking with people and surrounding yourself with others, your people skills will improve.

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