Why we all love a smile

I went to a McDonald’s drive thru yesterday evening to get some food. I bought a few burgers, fries and milkshakes and then was about to drive out. I then realised I forgot to buy a Coke so I drove round through the drive thru again. The girl who was taking my money (see looked around 18-19 years old) was smiling and commented to her friend who was working with her, that I’d driven round again. I mentioned that I forgot to get a Coke so had to come around again.

The girl was still smiling a lot.

I then commented, that I thought it was nice because she was smiling a lot. She mentioned that many customers told her that, an it was better than looking miserable and in her words saying “5 pound please”.

I proceeded to say how such a simple thing like a smile can have a huge impact on a customer. She agreed. But then with a slightly concerned look, she said that some people said she smiled too much. I jokingly told her to ignore depressing people like this.

It made me wonder. Are some people’s lives that bad, that they really can’t handle it when other people are smiling and just happy for being alive?

I don’t know. Maybe I’m being a bit sensitive about this issue, because I spend a lot of time smiling as well.

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