Are meant to be more of a tool to help us communicate with each other and get on with our daily lives.

However, they can be so powerful, we can literally become the words and they can takeover our lives instead.

“I am shy” you might tell yourself and then act like you don’t know how to socialise. Words are just words. There’s no need to take them too seriously. Doing so can create all kinds of frustrations and limitations.

Learn to create separation between the language you tell yourself and its ability to impact the way you feel. You need to remain vigilant to do so. Whenever you notice any words of self-contempt arising, just be aware of what has started to happen. Nothing to get caught up in.

And then there’s when other people call you words. This one took me a while to figure out personally. In my opinion identifying with these words is even worse then calling yourself names and labels. Doing so creates unnecessary feelings of inadequacy and separation from others.

“You’re a nervous person”, someone tells you and you just believe them.

Other people will always try and ‘box you in’ into labels and names, that are convienient with the image they have created of you. The ‘image’ aspect is their key problem. Such people usually believe the way a person is, is fixed and always will be. A very unwise and limited view in my opinion.


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