Hiten Vyas PhD

Hiten Vyas is a Life Coach and a person who stutters.

Early on in his life he has experienced extreme amounts of fear and anxiety because of difficulties due to stammering, which pretty much crippled all aspects of his life.

After trying out speech therapy, which didn’t work for him, he discovered NLP and Neuro-Semantics (NS) and came across a book called Mastering Blocking and Stuttering written by Dr Bobby Bodenhamer. Fascinated by this book and the way it spoke directly to the way he was feeling, he sought out the help of two NLP Practitioners to help him deal with the anxiety of stuttering.

After having considerable success with NLP and NS, he decided to train with Dr Bobby Bodenhamer in the United States and is a Certified Master Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP).

It is his passion to help you overcome your own difficulties, and assist you in living the life you want and deserve.

He is the author of several eBooks for people who stutter on developing self-confidence.

Email: hiten@hitenvyas.com

  1. […] Hiten Vyas @ HitenVyas.com said : I practice gratitude in the morning by doing my daily prayers first thing and thanking God for keeping me well and healthy. I also thank Him for giving me such wonderful family and friends and keeping them safe. During the day, I continue to be grateful for an opportunity to do meaningful work, and have good colleagues around me. Expressing gratitude has helped me to spend more times during a day being happy than being unhappy. It has helped me to appreciate what I have and inspired me to help those who might not be as fortunate as me. […]

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